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J. Michael Krivyanski

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Three young adults experience horrible physical tragedies.  All of them suddenly find themselves in a place where they’ve temporarily left their broken earthly bodies.


Each is brought before a bright white light.


The three young adults are shown what happens to their loved ones if they stay with the light.  Each is also shown what happens if they choose to return to the world they just left.  With their loss, the darkness will have an opportunity to become strong with the people they love.


Each understands if they go back, they'll be living in broken bodies the reminder of their time in the world.  All of them want to save their loved ones from the darkness.  Each of them chooses to return.

This is their story.

James M Krivyanski ebook.jpg

This is the first book in the Spiritual Revolution series.

The Bible’s predictions of the future have come true. There is now a World Government as well as a One World Church. All people are required to have a mark on their right hand. The World Government also implants people. This enables them to electronically view and hear what an implanted person sees as well as hears.

There is a supreme evil behind all the actions of the World Government as well as the One World Church.

Christians work to make people aware of what has happened to them.  They then provide a way to fight it. Christians discover how to get rid of their marks.  It is then a hard-fought battle against the evil dominating the world.

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